T-Zero Xpandizine: An Original E-Zine for Aspiring Writers

T-Zero Xpandizine: An Original E-Zine for Aspiring Writers

Outstanding writers’ variety magazine produced and published by the members of Writers’ Village University since 1998. Includes helpful writing and lifestyle articles, fiction and poetry. T-Zero expands the scope of traditional writers publications.

Craft of Writing

On Writing and Writhing
by Wayne Scheer

Straddling the line of writing right. Or not.

Accent History
by Gary Presley

Affectively wining? Whining and dining?

Birdie’s Quill
by Birdie

The difference is in the details – the sensory details!

Outside the Box

by Vivian Reed

Baskets full of inspiration!

Fiction Corner

by Renee Holland Davidson

by Nita DeWeese


Poetics Presents
A. C. Hardy
Christina Hile
Aurelio Rico Lopez III

Three cheers for this month’s selection: a trio of poets to present!

Submission Guidelines

Pursue your writing career:      submit to The Writer’s E-Zine!


T-zero Xpandizine is a perfect platform for the first publishing experience. If you have anything to say about the art of writing, wish to exhibit your poetry aspirations, share the experience of working in essay mills and dissertation writing services or showcase fiction crafting skills – you are welcome to send us your works. The editorial board will consider your piece(s) and inform you about the decision regarding its publishing. Please, keep in mind that our e-zine is a non-profit organization. It means that we cannot afford to pay our authors no matter how professionally written their pieces are. Yet, if you’re just making first faltering steps in writing, T-zero Xpandizine team will be happy to assist you!