Drabble Corner

Drabble Corner

Submission Deadline

Drabbles must arrive by the tenth of the month BEFORE the intended month of publication. For example, drabbles for September must be emailed by August 10th.

Submission Guidelines

Drabbles are stories precisely one hundred words long. Titles are counted separately and may be up to fifteen words long.

Only one entry per person per month.

Send your drabbles in the body of an email (plain text, no HTML) to Michelle at:


What is a Drabble?

A drabble is a story told in precisely one hundred words. No more, and no less. It sounds easy until you count up and find you have one hundred and three words, or ninety eight.

In addition to the one hundred words, you can use a maximum of fifteen words for the title and any subtitles, chapter headings and so forth you want to have. This is counted separately from the Drabble. Titles are optional.

An example drabble:


She saw fear in his eyes. The gun he held shook as he spat out his demand. She calmly ignored him. He went to her desk and shook the gun. Still she ignored him. He swept her papers off the desk, yelling his demand again. That got her attention.
“Can’t you read? Bank robbers to cashier number FIVE. I’m cashier number FOUR!”
He looked guilty. “But your queue’s shorter than his.”
“That’s no excuse for queue jumping!”
Glumly he trudged to the back of the queue waiting for cashier number five. She gathered her papers and composed herself.
“Next please.”

When drabbles are submitted, they will be checked by the word count tool on Microsoft’s Word 95. If they do not contain precisely one hundred words, the author will be given time to make the necessary changes.

Drabbles will either be judged by Michelle, the writer of the previous month’s Drabble or a T-Zero staff member. Drabbles are sent to the judges stripped of author information to ensure impartial judging.

Happy drabbling!