How to Teach Yourself to Create Visual Word Art

A lot of my friends ask me how I come up with my visual word art designs.  it can be difficult to explain, but I thought I would try to explain my process to create visual word art.

A key part of being an artist of any kind is to have the right mindset where you allow your mind to be creative.  It is hard to explain, but a good example is that if you decide you want to be creative, the best way to get started is to draw anything you like every day.

Rhino Drawing

Once you get into the habit (and it can be difficult some days just to get started), your sub-conscious mind then starts to come up with creative ideas at random times.  If you reward these creative ideas (through recording them and then acting on them by creating the art) you will create a positive feedback loop which will further feed your mind to come up with even better ideas.

When I walk through the world I see the world through this creative mindset and am constantly inspired to create new art ideas.  Some work out well and some do not, but that doesn’t really matter.  The key point is to get my pen or pencil on a sheet of paper every day and as the inspiration strikes, and I then find that I reach a creative ‘flow’ mindset where I can constantly come up with new ideas to try.

I definitely recommend that you give it a try.  Buy some basic art supplies and try drawing something every day for a month and see what difference it makes – I think you will be amazed and how many drawing ideas you will have brimming from your subconscious!

I certainly amaze myself sometimes in terms of some of the ideas i have which just seem to pop up from nowhere!