Welcome to the Writer’s E-Zine

I would like to welcome you all to The Writer’s E-Zine – a new blog to share my love of visual art combined with the written word – which includes poetry and quotes.  My favorite kind of art!

Visual Art Capturing Poetry

A great example is below – how can you not feel an immediate connection?  I feel that the illustrator has done a great job to capture the essence of the poem.

Tiger Burning Bright Visual Poem
Tiger Burning Bright Visual Poem

Visual Art Capturing Word Play

I also like playing with words to make them into a visual form.  Below is an example of my other favorite kind of visual art which I like to call ‘word play’.

Poetry Visual Art
Poetry Word Play – done visually!

I look forward to sharing many other great art options and techniques for visual art and hope that you enjoy the journey with me.

Cheers, Mark.