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Lillian Caldwell
Writing as Elizabeth Caldwell

Synopsis for "Sacred Honor"

In 1776, Benjamin Thompson, a British spy for General Gage in Boston, makes a deal with Lord Germain, to be put in charge of the American Colonies. Thompson would time travel into the future, 2276, steal the Declaration of Independence, return with the document to 1774 and sell it to Lord Germain for wealth, position and power.

In 2276, Huey T. Stone, the governor of the mid-Atlantic City States, wants to destroy the Declaration of Independence and replace it with his own version of history. He manipulates two paramilitary cadets, Abidemi Black, granddaughter to Mbakondja, and Mark Monsanto, a former displaced person, and orders them to steal the Declaration and bring it back to him.

Neither Benjamin Thompson nor Huey T. Stone is aware that there are three people determined to stop them.

Mbakondja, leader of The Regulators, an organization established during the Revolutionary War in the South to protect Blacks from the British, disagrees with Huey's grand vision of a new America and rebels against his authority.

Miriam Haleen, leader of a street gang, The Regulators, is betrayed by Huey, and she joins forces with Mbakondja temporarily to get her revenge against Stone.

Betsy Freeman, double agent to Dr. Franklin and Lord Germain in 1776 and known as Lizzie Freeman in 2276, wants to eliminate Huey T. Stone permanently from office and imprison him with Britain's enemies, the Spaniards.

Don Honeyman, an agent for the British in 2276, switches sides and joins forces with Mbakondja's when he learns that Huey T. Stone plans on unifying the American city states and rule over them.

Taken by surprise, Huey T. Stone is deported to Florida. Mbakondja learns that Abidemi died overseas and only Mark returns with Don. Mbakondja sends them west, out of reach of Betsy Freeman, and tells them to stay in touch.

Miriam Haleen thwarted by Betsy's plan, lies low and waits for Betsy to make her final moves.

Mbakondja's apartment is raided by Betsy's operatives, and they don't find anyone there. This time, Betsy Freeman lost the battle, but not the war.

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